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Our Story

Hello Everyone!

We are Patrick and Patricia Overholt, founders/owners of Southern Manners, and we are happy to be able share the story of who we are & how this restaurant came to be.

I (Pat) grew up in Hartville, Ohio and moved to Sarasota, FL when I was 19 where I met my wife (Trish). We married in 1987 and had our first two children, Derrick and Krista, in Sarasota. After that, we ventured to Abbeville, SC where we had our third child, Andre, and finally in 1994, we found our forever home in Columbus, NC where we had our fourth and final child, Kara.

-We are now known as Pawpaw & Bubba to our 6 grandchildren-

Being raised in Mennonite families, we both grew up on home cooked meals and made from scratch everything. However, I had been in construction all my life prior to opening the restaurant, and the only restaurant business experience we had was Trish’s 5 years of cooking and waitressing prior to our marriage…but, that didn’t stop us.

In 2007, our local community began suggesting that we start catering small events here and there. For example, pregame meals every Friday for our hometown football team. Eventually, small catering events lead to big catering events and here and there turned into more than we could handle out of our house. So, in 2010, something happened that my wife and I only dreamed of, we began the process of opening a restaurant, and, on May 11th, 2013, our dream came true.

Southern Manners is living proof of God’s faithfulness and our hope is that we can be a blessing to each person that walks through our doors.

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